Rose-Colored Glasses


I love summer. I love July. And I love sunglasses. It’s also my birthday tomorrow. It all adds up to seeing the world through rose-colored glasses this week. Happy July!

Rose-Colored Glasses by Sheri Roloff

Happy Friday


Cheers to Friday! To see other art like this, check out my Graphic Art page. Have a great weekend!

Rum by Sheri Roloff

New & Improved: Flight of the Flightless Birds


I decided to revise Flight of the Flightless Birds. I created a cleaner background and lightened up the ground to place a clearer focus on the birds. I think this also helps make the ground appear farther away. Check out the original version here. I’m much happier with the new version, but which one do you prefer? Let me know in the comments below.

Flight of the Flightless Birds by Sheri Roloff


Under the L Train


On a trip to Chicago, I saw this cool looking pipe apparatus underneath the L train on Wells. I liked how it didn’t seemed planned for and looked like it had been modified several times to make it connect properly. Thus, brings another edition to my series of pencil drawings with bright, pop-art-style backgrounds. I’d like to think of a snappier way to describe this series. If you think of a cool name, please comment below! Find more examples here.

Under the L Train by Sheri Roloff

New Art: Summer Treasures


I recently rediscovered a collection of my pencil drawings that looked like they should be friends. Thus, I put them together in the image below. It makes me think of summer and finding cool objects on long walks outside. 🙂

To see other artwork like this check out my Graphic Art page.

Summer Treasures by Sheri Roloff