Stop and Smell the Flowers

Art, Illustration

You may recognize this cheerful anteater from an earlier drawing involving a flower storm. I’m working on a postcard design with both illustrations which I’ll share soon!

Smell the Flowers by Sheri Roloff

Shiny new ideas for a shiny new year


Hi! I know… it’s been a while. I’ve been a bit distracted from regular posting due to a chaotic December followed by a an influx of shiny new project ideas.

Soon, I hope to share artwork from a new graphic novel project and a freelance logo project I’m working on. Right now I’m knee-deep in concepts that simply aren’t ready show yet. So instead, I’m getting back on the blog wagon with a blast from the past. This is a piece I did 6-ish years ago. I guess you could call it a surreal, abstract, mixed-media piece. I used markers, pens and pencil.

Worlds within Worlds by Sheri Roloff

As a result of my shiny new idea syndrome, my NaNoWriMo novel will be marinating for a while – which I think is ok. I’m hoping it’ll give me a fresh perspective when I return to it. In the meantime, I’m looking forward to sharing my new projects as they come to fruition.

Happy belated 2016!  I hope your creative projects – new and old – are evolving in exciting new ways.

New & Improved: Flight of the Flightless Birds


I decided to revise Flight of the Flightless Birds. I created a cleaner background and lightened up the ground to place a clearer focus on the birds. I think this also helps make the ground appear farther away. Check out the original version here. I’m much happier with the new version, but which one do you prefer? Let me know in the comments below.

Flight of the Flightless Birds by Sheri Roloff


Under the L Train


On a trip to Chicago, I saw this cool looking pipe apparatus underneath the L train on Wells. I liked how it didn’t seemed planned for and looked like it had been modified several times to make it connect properly. Thus, brings another edition to my series of pencil drawings with bright, pop-art-style backgrounds. I’d like to think of a snappier way to describe this series. If you think of a cool name, please comment below! Find more examples here.

Under the L Train by Sheri Roloff

New Art: Summer Treasures


I recently rediscovered a collection of my pencil drawings that looked like they should be friends. Thus, I put them together in the image below. It makes me think of summer and finding cool objects on long walks outside. 🙂

To see other artwork like this check out my Graphic Art page.

Summer Treasures by Sheri Roloff

Flight of the Flightless Birds


Ostrich, Penguin and Chicken were sick of hearing “You can’t fly!” from their flight-worthy friends, so they took matters into their own hands….or wings…or talons? Flippers?!? …you know what I mean. Now they’re the most adventurous birds on the block.

I created this drawing for July’s SCBWI Draw This! word prompt: Adventure. My illustration “Noisy Ninja Bounces Back” is currently featured in the June gallery. I also posted it here. Comments and feedback are always welcome!

Flight of the Flightless Birds by Sheri Roloff