Wacky Wednesday Post #13: Noisy Ninja Bounces Back


The SCBWI Draw This! June art prompt is Bounce. This one little word inspired me to depict the joys and perils of being a tambourine-loving ninja.

Noisy Ninja Bounces Back by Sheri Roloff


Wacky Wednesday Post #12: Ostrich on the Moon


Olive the ostrich lives on the moon

where it is hard to find ostrich food.

And when she does, she just wants to screech,

because what she wants is just out of reach.

Ostrich on the Moon by Sheri Roloff

Wacky Wednesday Post #11: A Bad Case of the Tentacle Tangles


Thanks to a scary story about sea spiders, Alfred Von Octopod has quite a bad case of the tentacle tangles. Maybe you could calm him down with a nice story about seahorses?Alfred Von Octopod by Sheri Roloff