Journey to the Candy-Top Trees, full-spread concept


I’m proud to introduce the first spread concept for my picture book Journey to the Candy-Top Trees.

I really liked the idea of a binocular view, so I choose a full spread layout. The very center is where the binding would be.

Journey to the Candy-Top Trees

More to come! I’m playing around with a circle theme given the shape of the candy in the trees and the binocular view. I think it might help create interest in the layouts.

Thanks for stopping by, and have a great weekend!

Held Together, a Prismacolor marker illustration


Here is an illustration I did a couple years ago when I just started getting into Prismacolor markers. Prismacolor premier art markers are awesome. In my opinion, they are the best art marker available. Copic markers are really nice too, but I find that they tend to bleed too much and are more expensive. I use Pigma Micron fine liners for my black outlines. Those are great as well. That’s all I have for now. Happy Monday!

Held Together

Held Together by Sheri Roloff


Mixed media illustrations


Hi there!

I’ve been working on a lot of picture book ideas lately, and I’m ready to share a glimpse into something that’s brewing. One of my current ideas is combining my marker drawings with my high-texture acrylic paintings. Here is a scene from “Journey to the Candy-Top Trees.”

Mouse Falling

A scene from “Journey to the Candy Top Trees”

I have additional illustrations in the works that I hope to share soon. In the meantime, please see additional samples of my illustration work here. Thanks for stopping by!