A Three Toad Sloth Tea Party

Art, Illustration

Three Toad Sloth by Sheri Roloff

Keep clinking!

New Digital Art Made in Procreate

Art, Illustration

Happy Friday! This week I’ve been using the app Procreate on my iPad Pro to draw two of my favorite things – cats and foxes.

Fox & Caticorn by Sheri Roloff

Procreate is a pretty intuitive app and its capabilities blow Adobe Sketch out of the water. Sketch does have a great pencil that I prefer, but there are way more brushes in Procreate, along with more editing and effect capabilities. Aside from the pencil, I do miss Sketch’s integration with Creative Cloud. But otherwise, Procreate wins my heart!

Fox & Bee by Sheri Roloff

Have a great weekend!

New comic pages for Cognito Sanchez

Children's Books, Illustration, Writing

Happy Wednesday to you! I’m working on sketching out new pages for my graphic novel work-in-progress Cognito Sanchez: Dive Another Day. Here are some rough sketches of upcoming pages. More pages plus ink and color coming soon!

Cognito Sanchez_Page 14 by Sheri RoloffCognito Sanchez_Page 15 by Sheri RoloffCognito Sanchez_Page 16 by Sheri Roloff

You can find finished art samples for Cognito Sanchez and other projects on my illustration page. Thanks for taking a look!

My art book “Empathy” is done!

Art, Writing

I’m delighted to announce the release of an art book I created called empathy. I felt driven to put this together in the wake of all the crazy things happening in the world lately.

Empathy Cover by Sheri Roloff

I used spray paint artwork I made a few years ago as the backdrop and designed words over the top under the helpful advisement of my Design Yoda (aka my talented graphic designer friend that always has amazing feedback and ideas!). The message inside is for writers, artists and doers everywhere. Keep going – don’t stop. The world needs your writing, art and actions.

Empathy Spread by Sheri Roloff

I hope you’ll view and download the free PDF here. Or if you’re looking for a shiny new book to add to your shelf (or perhaps a gift for someone who likes shiny things), you can purchase a print copy here.

Please feel free to share this with others. I made it to process thoughts and feelings, and I hope it resonates with you.