Jupiter in Technicolor


I’m on a bit of a space kick right now. I made this primarily on my iPad Pro, but added the stars at the end with Kyle’s Spatter Brushes in Photoshop. Kyle’s brushes are awesome and very reasonably priced – highly recommended!

Jupiter in Technicolor by Sheri Roloff

Blue Planet Digital Art Experiment

Art, Illustration

I’ve been having a blast playing with my new iPad Pro & Apple Pencil combo. While Wacom’s Cintiq is still the king, this mobile setup does a ton of cool stuff. It’s super immersive, intuitive as heck and I love how natural the pencil feels. Right now I’m using Adobe Photoshop Sketch because I like all the Creative Cloud integration. I hear Procreate is superior, but haven’t given it a fair shake yet. For now, here’s the first thing I’ve made that I think is worth sharing.

Blue Planet by Sheri Roloff

It was fun experimenting with new brushes, and I’m really digging the mobile setup so far.

Well, that’s all for now. Back to wrapping presents and preparing for Christmas! Hope your Christmas prep is going well. 🙂

Rocker Bunny Dreams


On the this Thanksgiving eve, I’m thankful for the usual things: family, friends, four days off work, etc. But I’m also thankful for being able to work on art and writing on a regular basis. It helps me make sense of the world. Here’s my latest piece. The prompt was “autobiography”… so here’s a glimpse into my childhood head.

Rocker Bunny Dreams by Sheri Roloff

Happy Thanksgiving!

#Inktober2016 – Day 1

Children's Books, Illustration

I’m excited to participate in Inktober this year! I won’t usually be doing full color, but I needed to draw this for a separate project, so… two birds, one stone (no pun intended!). I inked and colored this in Photoshop.

Here’s a rare Polaroid of Cognito Sanchez (from the Squirrel Intelligence Agency) trying to keep a low profile out in the field. He’s actually not doing too bad. 🙂

Cognito Polaroid by Sheri Roloff

Happy Inking!


In-progress: Tom & Gibson storyboard

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I’m working on a 32-page origin story for Tom & Gibson. I started with small thumbnails on graph paper, which I’m now fleshing out more in Photoshop.

In-progress storyboards for Tom & Gibson by Sheri Roloff

Once I get the story to flow exactly how I want, I’ll move on to full-page sketches. That’s all for this work-in-progress Wednesday. Have a great week!

Some assembly required – illustration building


I’m taking a new approach to a commissioned illustration project. I’m drawing each piece separately and then assembling it in Photoshop. Why? Well, I’ve done some assembly before (on an as-needed, less-planned basis) and it’s worked well. And even though it might be a little more work up front, this way I’ll have more control over editing: sizing, placement, future tweaks, etc. And I’d have the flexibility to easily use different parts of the illustration in future images.

In-progress artwork by Sheri Roloff

Right now it looks pretty random, but soon it will be one cohesive image. Final imagery coming soon!

Run, Cheetah, Run! — New Illustration Sample


I’ve been working on more portfolio updates. Here is an example of a full spread illustration for my story Run, Cheetah, Run! Click on the image below for an enlarged view. Thanks for taking a look. 🙂

Run, Cheetah, Run! by Sheri Roloff

New & Improved: Flight of the Flightless Birds


I decided to revise Flight of the Flightless Birds. I created a cleaner background and lightened up the ground to place a clearer focus on the birds. I think this also helps make the ground appear farther away. Check out the original version here. I’m much happier with the new version, but which one do you prefer? Let me know in the comments below.

Flight of the Flightless Birds by Sheri Roloff