Hipster Bird coming to a carnival near you

Art, Illustration

I mean, maybe not a carnival. Maybe a street fair? Or a farmers market? I’m not exactly sure where this hipster bird hangs out, but hopefully it’s a place where they appreciate her rad glasses and cheerful balloon. Happy Wednesday!

Hipster Bird by Sheri Roloff

#Inktober2016 – Day 1

Children's Books, Illustration

I’m excited to participate in Inktober this year! I won’t usually be doing full color, but I needed to draw this for a separate project, so… two birds, one stone (no pun intended!). I inked and colored this in Photoshop.

Here’s a rare Polaroid of Cognito Sanchez (from the Squirrel Intelligence Agency) trying to keep a low profile out in the field. He’s actually not doing too bad. 🙂

Cognito Polaroid by Sheri Roloff

Happy Inking!