New art, Halloween fun and writing shenanigans


Happy Halloween, everyone! To celebrate, I’d like to share two new art pieces presented by some of my bolder costume-clad coworkers.

Matt emanates a bit of pirate essence on an average day, but today he was particularly convincing. He’s pictured here contemplating “Treasure on Bearhead Island,” which is, obviously, of particular interest to him.


For the Breaking Bad fans out there, I think you’ll appreciate Tom’s hazmat suit ensemble, which is also a great backdrop for “Molecular Entropy.”


I’d like to add that upon arriving at work this morning, I was handed this tiny 2” x 2” zip-lock bag filled with some pretty sketchy-looking rock candy.


So yeah, another great day on the copy team! Crazy writers…

Speaking of crazy writers, tomorrow is the first day of NaNoWriMo – 50,000 words in 30 days. Some of my coworkers are attempting this great feat, but not I. Instead, I’m attempting the less popular, but still nerdy-cool, PiBoIdMo – Picture Book Idea Month – one new picture book idea per day for the entire month of November.

I’m excited because my awesome picture book critique group is all participating. I’m hoping the peer pressure will help me stick with it! If you’d like to join the PiBoIdMo fun, sign up here.


Happy November!