From My Sketchbook: Brie Character Study


I’m working on a character study for Brie: the main character in my story Alien Hunt. I’ve made some changes since my original drawing. I need to dive in a little deeper with more expressions and poses, and then next up are character studies for Ben and Bigglebee. That’s all for now. Thanks for tuning in!

Brie Character Sketches by Sheri Roloff


Flight of the Flightless Birds


Ostrich, Penguin and Chicken were sick of hearing “You can’t fly!” from their flight-worthy friends, so they took matters into their own hands….or wings…or talons? Flippers?!? …you know what I mean. Now they’re the most adventurous birds on the block.

I created this drawing for July’s SCBWI Draw This! word prompt: Adventure. My illustration “Noisy Ninja Bounces Back” is currently featured in the June gallery. I also posted it here. Comments and feedback are always welcome!

Flight of the Flightless Birds by Sheri Roloff