Jupiter in Technicolor


I’m on a bit of a space kick right now. I made this primarily on my iPad Pro, but added the stars at the end with Kyle’s Spatter Brushes in Photoshop. Kyle’s brushes are awesome and very reasonably priced – highly recommended!

Jupiter in Technicolor by Sheri Roloff

Blue Planet Digital Art Experiment

Art, Illustration

I’ve been having a blast playing with my new iPad Pro & Apple Pencil combo. While Wacom’s Cintiq is still the king, this mobile setup does a ton of cool stuff. It’s super immersive, intuitive as heck and I love how natural the pencil feels. Right now I’m using Adobe Photoshop Sketch because I like all the Creative Cloud integration. I hear Procreate is superior, but haven’t given it a fair shake yet. For now, here’s the first thing I’ve made that I think is worth sharing.

Blue Planet by Sheri Roloff

It was fun experimenting with new brushes, and I’m really digging the mobile setup so far.

Well, that’s all for now. Back to wrapping presents and preparing for Christmas! Hope your Christmas prep is going well. đŸ™‚