Hide & Go Seek-A-Saurus goes to print SOON!

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I am so, so close to finishing Hide & Go Seek-A-Saurus, I can taste it. And what does it taste like you might ask? Like an amazing, victorious PIZZA.

Here are some of the delicious-looking final copy proofs I’ve been circulating for final, final edits to make sure everything is just right:

Hide and Go Seek-a-Saurus Final Proofs

Even holding these booklet versions is really exciting, so I truly can’t wait to feel the real, live hardcover book (with lovely dust jacket) in my hands. The book releases March 6th! Which is just around the corner. More soon!

New comic pages for Cognito Sanchez

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Happy Wednesday to you! I’m working on sketching out new pages for my graphic novel work-in-progress Cognito Sanchez: Dive Another Day. Here are some rough sketches of upcoming pages. More pages plus ink and color coming soon!

Cognito Sanchez_Page 14 by Sheri RoloffCognito Sanchez_Page 15 by Sheri RoloffCognito Sanchez_Page 16 by Sheri Roloff

You can find finished art samples for Cognito Sanchez and other projects on my illustration page. Thanks for taking a look!

Psst…over here! Get a sneak peek inside the SIA…

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Today I’d like to share a work in progress. I still need to color it, but here is a rare view inside the Squirrel Intelligence Agency – tucked inside a tall oak tree, of course.

SIA Headquarters by Sheri Roloff

For finished artwork, please check out my illustration page.

That’s all for now. I hope you’re having a great week! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

Dinosaur Morning by Sheri Roloff

WIP Wednesday: Collage Part 2

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I’m happy to say that I’ve finally chipped away at the synopsis of my graphic novel. I’ve heard people bemoan writing these before, and they’re right. It’s a little painful to sum up 160 pages in 500 – 600 words. It also feels a tad robotic. But I’m doing the best I can! If it sucks, my critique group will steer me in the right direction. 🙂

Since sharing my synopsis would be boring, and I don’t want to share any spoilers , you get more collage! Haha! This collage side project is super fun though. I think these two pieces are my favorite so far.

Dinosaur Morning by Sheri Roloff

I came across some notebooks during my continued cleaning and sorting efforts and found droves of old song lyrics (some better than others…heh) that never made it into any of my songs. I thought it’d be interesting to use snippets of these lyrics as collage elements. Here’s the first attempt.

Present Tense by Sheri Roloff

Well, that’s all for now! Hopefully I have something aside from collage to share with you next week, but no guarantees. 🙂

WIP Wednesday: Rediscovering Collage

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Welcome to WIP (Work in Progress) Wednesday. I should be showing you art (that I haven’t made yet…) for my graphic novel project. But instead, I’m going to share my new-found love of collage with you. What?! I know… I’m confused about it too.

Good News Collage by Sheri Roloff

So, I’m not sure what instigated this collage frenzy. Maybe it was all the cleaning and sorting of art supplies during my recent move (I found so much cool stuff I’ve saved over the years thinking, “I could make something with that!”) Maybe it was the awesome heavy-stock glossy booklet sample I got from work that is just begging to be filled. Or maybe I’m anxious about working on my graphic novel and dabbling with something that’s purely play and essentially uneditable is refreshing.

Evil Megasquid Collage by Sheri Roloff


I’ve mentioned this in the past (probably to make myself feel better about a different random side project!), but I still love it. Austin Kleon touts the importance of side projects and productive procrastination:

“I think it’s good to have a lot of projects going at once so you can bounce between them. When you get sick of one project, move over to another, and when you’re sick of that one, move back to the project you left. Practice productive procrastination.” – Austin Kleon in Steal Like an Artist

So maybe this collage phase isn’t all bad…?

P.S. Despite what appears to be a current lack of focus, I soaked up tons of inspiration and knowledge at SCBWI’s Wild Wild Midwest Conference a few weeks ago. I shared a few highlights here.

Some assembly required – illustration building


I’m taking a new approach to a commissioned illustration project. I’m drawing each piece separately and then assembling it in Photoshop. Why? Well, I’ve done some assembly before (on an as-needed, less-planned basis) and it’s worked well. And even though it might be a little more work up front, this way I’ll have more control over editing: sizing, placement, future tweaks, etc. And I’d have the flexibility to easily use different parts of the illustration in future images.

In-progress artwork by Sheri Roloff

Right now it looks pretty random, but soon it will be one cohesive image. Final imagery coming soon!

Sneak Peek: In-Progress Painting


Here’s a sneak peek of a painting I’m working on. As you can see, I am under the watchful eye of a sinister critic ready to pounce and correct me at any moment.

I could use a name for this piece. Suggestions are welcome!

In-Progress Painting by Sheri Roloff