Greetings from the Squirrel Intelligence Agency

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Hello there!

I’m excited to share some of the characters from from my graphic novel work-in-progress: Cognito Sanchez! See a mockup of the cover and additional art here.

Cognito Sanchez_SIA Characters by Sheri Roloff

I’m working on more art samples, including SIA (the Squirrel Intelligence Agency) headquarters, the villains (muhaha!) and perhaps a sample spread. More soon. Thanks for stopping by!

Wacky Wednesday Post #5: Get Down, Gibson!


Hi, there! I don’t have many words to share in today’s Wacky Wednesday words + illustration post. In fact, I just have punctuation. Is that cheating? Eh… my blog – my rules!

Anyway, I’m pleased to introduce Tom and Gibson from my latest picture book idea.

Get Down, Gibson!

Meet Fiasco and Flatypus from The Garbage Monster


Hi there!

I’m working on a picture book called The Garbage Monster, starring Fiasco the cat and his trusty sidekick (and favorite toy) Flatypus. Here is a preliminary illustration. In this scene Fiasco is jolted awake by The Garbage Monster’s menacing sounds. Aaah!

Fiasco and Flatypus

Who or what is The Garbage Monster, you might ask? It’s a secret! Ha! At least until I post more illustrations. 🙂