Don’t you know that you are a shooting star?

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Shooting Star Watchers by Sheri Roloff

Tom & Gibson Sample Artwork

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Well… I fell off the Inktober bandwagon. Inking every day wasn’t the problem; it was the idea of sharing it every day. Sometimes the things I draw are best left inside a closed sketchbook! Once I realized that the thought of having to post something every day was not appealing to me, I remembered working on something every day was (like NaNoWriMo!). So I kept working on my main projects instead, which didn’t always involve inking or sharing.

Here’s one thing I finished up. It’s a sample page from Tom & Gibson: a quirky story about a pet and master power struggle. Meet Tom the walrus person and Gibson the purple cat.

Tom & Gibson Sample Art by Sheri Roloff

The chase scene illustration unveiled


I’d like to introduce a new spread from The Garbage Monster, a picture book featuring Fiasco the cat and his sidekick Flatypus. Every night, noises from the kitchen closet torment Fiasco. Convinced there is a menacing Garbage Monster afoot, Fiasco and Flatypus can’t resist a nightly pursuit.

And now for the all-important chase scene.

The Garbage Monster - Chase Scene Part 1

The Garbage Monster - Chase Scene Part 2

The Garbage Monster - Chase Scene

So the real question: is the Garbage Monster a mouse or a crazy robot-armed garbage can of doom?! More on that later. 🙂