Run, Cheetah, Run! — New Illustration Sample


I’ve been working on more portfolio updates. Here is an example of a full spread illustration for my story Run, Cheetah, Run! Click on the image below for an enlarged view. Thanks for taking a look. 🙂

Run, Cheetah, Run! by Sheri Roloff

For the love of lateness: concept illustrations for Run, Cheetah, Run!


Here’s the latest from my drawing desk. I’m working on a children’s picture book/song about a running-late Cheetah and his pals.

Introducing Snake, Meerkat, Aardvark, Hippo and Cheetah from Run, Cheetah, Run.

Cheetah, Snake & Meerkat from Run, Cheetah, Run

Cheetah, Snake, Meerkat & Aardvark from Run, Cheetah, Run

Cheetah, Snake Meerkat, Aardvark & Hippo from Run, Cheetah, Run

That’s all I have for now.

Later, gators!