Hipster Cat & Hibiscus Flowers


Meet Clora. She likes to stop and smell the flowers, but her first love is meteorology. On the weekends she sketches clouds and keeps tabs on the changing weather with her pocket barometer. It’s quite hipstery, and I’m pretty sure she’s friends with this guy.

Clora by Sheri Roloff

Stop and Smell the Flowers

Art, Illustration

You may recognize this cheerful anteater from an earlier drawing involving a flower storm. I’m working on a postcard design with both illustrations which I’ll share soon!

Smell the Flowers by Sheri Roloff

Volcano Flowers by Sheri Roloff

Art from the archives: Volcano Flowers

Art, Uncategorized

Since I’m not ready to share the thing I’m currently working on, I thought I’d share this blast from the past. Thanks to some recent cleaning efforts, I stumbled across this illustration I did about 5 years ago and thought to myself, “Huh, I actually like this thing I spent a bunch of time on and then stashed in a drawer.”

Volcano Flowers by Sheri Roloff

So, in short, cleaning and organizing stuff sucks (at least to me!), but finding things you like is nice. I hope you find some things you like today – without even having to clean anything. 🙂