Hide & Go Seek-A-Saurus Cover Reveal!

Children's Books

Today’s the day! I’m delighted to share the cover for my debut picture book Hide & Go Seek-A-Saurus! It will be a real live book (made with the utmost love and care) that you can hold in your hands March 6, 2018!

Hide and Go Seek-A-Saurus by Sheri Roloff

KWiL Publishing did an awesome blog post about the cover revealĀ here. Stay tuned for updates and pre-ordering will be available soon!

Dino Pizza Party

Art, Children's Books, Illustration

This dino pizza party was off the chain! But Daryl Dactyl and Steve Rex are down to the last slice. Who will get to eat the last piece?!

Dino Pizza Party by Sheri Roloff